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Elliotts Pharmacy

Welcome to Elliotts Pharmacy in Manchester. We offer prescription collection and delivery to Old Trafford, Whalley Range, M16 postcodes and surrounding areas. Our Pharmacist and Pharmacy Staff are here to offer help, assistance and advice free of charge to help keep you and your family healthy.


Vagisil ProHydrate Wash 250ml

Vagisil ProHydrate..

The fact is, your intimate skin is delicate and sensitive and not all ..

Price: £ 3.89*
RRP: £ 5.00
YOU SAVE £ 1.11
St Moriz Instant Self-tanning Mousse, Dark 200ml

St Moriz Instant S..

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse Dark is the same special formulat..

Price: £ 2.75*
RRP: £ 4.99
YOU SAVE £ 2.24
Care Glycerin Suppositories Infant Pack of 12

Care Glycerin Supp..

Glycerol Suppositories are used for the relief of acute and temporary ..

Price: £ 2.19*
RRP: £ 3.30
YOU SAVE £ 1.11
Sensodyne Cool Mint Fluoride Mouthwash Alcohol Free 500ml

Sensodyne Cool Min..

Sensodyne Cool Mint Mouthwash: Everyday sensitivity care. With twice d..

Price: £ 4.39*
RRP: £ 4.99
YOU SAVE £ 0.60
Effax Leather Balm 150ml Tube

Effax Leather Balm..

Effax Leather Balm is the most valuable leather care for durability an..

Price: £ 3.39*
Carefree Plus Long 12Hr Pack of 24

Carefree Plus Long..

Carefree Plus 24 Long Pantyliners Controls odour for up to 12h..

Price: £ 2.09*
Aquacel AG Dressing with Silver 2cm x 45cm

Aquacel AG Dressin..

Aquacel Ag Hydrofiber Dressing incorporating unique Hydrofiber Technol..

Price: £ 6.99*
HealthAid Grapeseed 5000mg Tablets Pack of 60

HealthAid Grapesee..


Price: £ 8.39*
RRP: £ 12.49
YOU SAVE £ 4.10
Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm SPF 15

Palmers Cocoa Butt..

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturising Lip Balm is formulated with ..

Price: £ 1.99*
Piriton Allergy Tablets Pack of 60 x 3

Piriton Allergy Ta..

Piriton Allergy Tablets are used to treat the allergic symptoms (run..

Price: £ 17.50*
RRP: £ 19.17
YOU SAVE £ 1.67
Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion Menthol 200ml

Aveeno Skin Relief..

The Aveeno skin relief formula is specially developed with colloidal o..

Price: £ 6.99*
RRP: £ 7.50
YOU SAVE £ 0.51
Perspirex Comfort Roll On 20ml

Perspirex Comfort ..

Perspirex Comfort Antiperspirant Roll-On effectively minimises excessi..

Price: £ 4.89*
RRP: £ 8.49
YOU SAVE £ 3.60
Hibiscrub Hand Disinfectant Solution 5ltr

Hibiscrub Hand Dis..

Price: £ 34.90*
RRP: £ 40.84
YOU SAVE £ 5.94
Murine Professional Advanced Dry Eye Relief 10ml

Murine Professiona..

Murine Professional Advanced Dry Eye Relief Preservative-free eye drop..

Price: £ 9.29*
RRP: £ 10.99
YOU SAVE £ 1.70
Omron Compair Compressor Nebuliser OMRC28

Omron Compair Comp..

Omron CompAir C28 This mains-operated compressor nebuliser is an idea..

Price: £ 49.99*
RRP: £ 69.54
YOU SAVE £ 19.55
Patterson Walking Frame Ultra Narrow (12S2)

Patterson Walking ..

Made from lightweight anodised aluminium these walking frames come in ..

Price: £ 39.90*
RRP: £ 61.50
YOU SAVE £ 21.60
Ovex Suspension 30ml

Ovex Suspension 30..

What the medicine is forOvex Suspension is a medicine, which is used t..

Price: £ 7.19*
RRP: £ 11.06
YOU SAVE £ 3.87
HealthAid Vitamin C 1000mg Chewable Tablets Pack of 60

HealthAid Vitamin ..


Price: £ 7.39*
RRP: £ 10.99
YOU SAVE £ 3.60
Day Lewis Starflower Oil Capsules Pack of 30

Day Lewis Starflow..

Starflower Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Borage plant an..

Price: £ 4.69*
Fenjal Classic Luxury Hand Creme 50ml

Fenjal Classic Lux..

Fenjal Hand Crème is enriched with Swiss rose stem cells to inc..

Price: £ 3.69*
RRP: £ 3.99
YOU SAVE £ 0.30
SALTernative Kombu Seaweed 50g

SALTernative Kombu..

Kombu is edible kelp from the Laminariaceae family and is widely eaten..

Price: £ 2.89*
RRP: £ 3.99
YOU SAVE £ 1.10
Veet Cold Wax Leg Strips Pack of 20

Veet Cold Wax Leg ..

These strips can remove hairs as short as 2mm - meaning there is no ne..

Price: £ 6.79*
RRP: £ 6.99
YOU SAVE £ 0.20
Fenjal Classic Body Spray 75ml

Fenjal Classic Bod..

This perfect finish to your bodycare routine, Fenjal Classic Body spra..

Price: £ 2.69*
RRP: £ 3.32
YOU SAVE £ 0.63
Artelac Rebalance Eye Drops 10ml

Artelac Rebalance ..

Artelac Rebalance Eye Drops are for dry eyes caused by chronic tear dy..

Price: £ 5.79*
RRP: £ 6.95
YOU SAVE £ 1.16
Niquitin Strips 2.5mg Mint Pack of 60

Niquitin Strips 2...

NiQuitin Strips relieves and/or prevents cravings and nicotine withdra..

Price: £ 13.50*
RRP: £ 16.99
YOU SAVE £ 3.49
Lotil Cream 30ml

Lotil Cream 30ml

Lotil Cream offers its fantastic healing powers for dry cracked skin a..

Price: £ 1.59*
RRP: £ 2.17
YOU SAVE £ 0.58
Eylure Naturalites Evening Wear No.120

Eylure Naturalites..

Safe and hygienic and perfect for regular wear or for that special occ..

Price: £ 3.99*
RRP: £ 5.06
YOU SAVE £ 1.07
St Moriz Self-tan Mist Medium 150ml

St Moriz Self-tan ..

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist lets you enjoy a healthy, golden gl..

Price: £ 3.99*
RRP: £ 4.99
YOU SAVE £ 1.00
Aqueos Anti-Bacterial Horse Shampoo 1 Litre

Aqueos Anti-Bacter..

Aqueos Anti-Mircobial Horse Shampoo is powerful to gentle to the horse..

Price: £ 5.90*
Centrum Advance 50+ Tablets Pack of 60

Centrum Advance 50..

Age may just be a number but it can impact your health needs. That&rsq..

Price: £ 9.29*
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